The claimant comes first at Delaware Claims Processing Facility.

Our highly trained and experienced staff places the claimant first. We provide quick, efficient, and accurate claim processing services that are cost effective. Since 1998, the DCPF processed claims resulting in offers made to more than 2 million claimants.

We take pride in our workflow expertise, knowledge of the entire claim process from filing to payment and advanced Information System Technology. We have extensive experience in gathering data and providing detailed analysis to all our customers and constituents. We achieve all of this with the help of our dedicated and talented staff.

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  • We’re readily equipped to accommodate all projects regardless of size or complexity.
  • The quality of the claim processing is our principal mandate.


  • Protecting our client’s data is our primary focus.
  • Our data security committee is constantly reviewing current security procedures to protect against potential vulnerabilities.



  • We process claims consistently and accurately while keeping your data safe.
  • You can trust our process because it is standardized, documented, and monitored.
  • Each claim is treated equally with the same level of importance and attention to detail.
Technologically Advanced

Technologically Advanced

  • The DCPF claim system is a state of the art secured claims filing and claims management system.
  • The system helps manage your claim inventory from submission to payments, and captures detailed information at every step of the process.
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